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WMC/Women’s Prayer Fellowship

Every Thursday, women of the church will gather and conduct Service and will have intercessory prayer which is a great blessing to the church and its ministries. It's a two hour of Word, Worship, Prayer and fellowship. Women's fellowship calls women to honour , to encourage and to embrace themselves as the most beautiful God's creation.

The Women's fellowship is where prayer binds women together so they can become a foundational support to their home as well as to the church. You can hear echoes of testimonies of what the Lord has done in their lives through this ministry. Our vision is that every woman should be equipped to minister within their circle of influence and become the Prayer Voice in the wilderness.

Today's women are shrinking back when they should be stepping up in life. We need answers and the only real answers are an answer to prayer. God is always at work for our benefit, even when we can't see or understand. Our Prayer ministry has been described as Miraculous & anointed.

The churches also have their own share of difficulties; our nation needs a breakthrough- only prayer will help us tackle the challenges and the situations of today. Many women gather in one accord to pray. Be blessed and encouraged and join us-To Find the One Great Thing you were created to do in this World.

To Become a Member of MCAG Church

  • ➢Should be baptized by water and the Holy-Spirit-the New Birth.(John 1:12, 3:3-8, 1 Peter 1:8,25)
  • ➢Should Attend MCAG church for a minimum of 3 months.
  • ➢Must Believe in the 16 fundamental adopted by the assemblies of God.
  • ➢Must completely avoid use of drugs, tobacco, alcoholic beverages.
  • ➢Must be ready to come under the authority of the pastors of the Church- and to take correction,
        to be disciplined and advice as and when required.
  • ➢Must try to the best of their abilities to actively involve in the church ministries and to attend church regularly.