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Children today are admired for their intelligence, knowledge and capabilities. We gape at them as they can rattle off all the details and facts about their favorite star. Wouldn't it be great if they knew that much about God and excited about Him? Teaching Kids authentic Word & Worship is necessary and it is effectively leading children into a greater, more permanent relationship with Jesus. We desire for our kids to be true worshippers as we coach, instruct, and guide the children in making God their greatest hero and lifelong friend. They are also encouraged with dance, crafts, games, drama, skit ,essay writings, exams and more. We are committed in ensuring children grow up with strong values and in the love of Christ. We have anointed and committed Head Master/Mistress and teachers to train children and conduct Sunday school.

We need to remember that in the early years of the church, believers met in homes or caves or areas where they would not be discovered due to persecution. The teaching of God’s truth to children was the job of the parents and was done in the home. Sadly, this practice is no longer a priority in the homes of many believers, and many leave the instruction in God’s Word to the church and what we now call the Sunday school. But what is taught in Sunday school should only be a supplement to what is taught at home. The ideal situation is when the church and family work together to educate children in the faith.

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So many souls in recent generations have turned away from God, his Word, his gospel, and his church.1 Many studies have shown that even those who claim to be Christians do not have a strong biblical worldview but support ideas and behaviors contrary to what the Bible clearly teaches.

  • Preparing to Be a Godly Grandparent
  • Pastors, Teach the Truth and Expose Error
  • Helping Our Children to Love the Church