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MCAG Church was pioneered by the servant of God, Rev.Samkutty John & his wife Elma John at Kammanahalli in a house in the year 2003. Pastor P.K.Johnson and his family (wife Sherly Johnson and daughters, Joshly P Johnson, Jesly P. Johnson), on the request of Rev.Samkutty John and also receiving the order from the then Central District Superintendent Late Rev.Dr.T.C.George & the District Council, started ministering in MCAG from 18th February 2007.Pastor P.K.Johnson started his first service on 18th February, 2007 with just 17 people but God has been blessing the Church many fold and today it is one of the growing churches in the city of Bangalore. We have a diverse congregation and have Malayalam,Tamil,Kannada, Telugu,Hindi and English speaking members besides international students and families.

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Chosen by God


Reverend P.K. Johnson was born in a small village in the state of Karnataka and came to Bangalore in the year 1981, completed his post-matric & Under graduation at St.Josephs College, Museum Road Bangalore and is currently pursuing his M.Div from SABC. He comes from a Pentecostal family – the 4th among 6 children. His parents and all his siblings are settled in Bangalore. God touched Pastor Johnson’s life personally, he took the water baptism and was anointed and filled with Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues at the age of fourteen (14). From his childhood itself God’s call was revealed through many prophets, and later God personally called him to work in His vineyard.

Pastor P.K.Johnson was a member of Peniel Assembly of God Church, Sevanagar, Bangalore -33 till he became a pastor of MCAG church in the year 2007.God used Pastor Johnson in Peniel AG Church in various fields. He donned the role of a Sunday school teacher, CA President and was also part of the Church Committee for 18 years consecutively, several years he took on the responsibility as Secretary of the Church, Church Building Project Director and actively involved in various other activities for the growth of the Church. He still remembers with utmost gratitude, in the name of Jesus, all the pastors and all senior members of Peniel AG Church for their efforts in moulding him to what he is today.

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P.K.Johnson in his early days in Bangalore worked in a Private company for five years in the field of Mechanical Engineering and thereafter he started his own small scale industry that manufactures automatic multipurpose machineries and industrial ovens for around two and half decades. But God had different plans for him and placed a burden in his heart for India especially Karnataka. So, obeying God’s call for him, he wound up his business and became a full time minister.

Today, Rev. P.K.Johnson, is a man of big dreams, vision& goals for the expansion of the kingdom of God. Rev. P.K.Johnson is an anointed speaker. His Passion is to win as many souls as possible for Christ. There have been many hurdles and hindrances but Rev. P.K.Johnsons's faith in the Lord surpasses every obstacle.

Rev. P.K.Johnson’s noticeable character is no compromise with worldly activities in the church and has boldness in correcting the congregation towards the will of God and Holy Spirit according to the scripture. He maintains the unity among the members as MCAG family even though we have different languages. No discrimination is shown based on language, color, education, job, health wealth, age or any other background.

Rev. P.K.Johnson respects and encourages elders, youth, children and women alike to grow in the ministry. Through dedication and love for God - He gave the church his heart and soul, and trusted God to take care of the details. He is definitely one of the most dynamic Person God is using for His Ministry today and one cannot but get excited along with him as the church begins to grow and reach out to the surrounding community.

Finally, rejoice because of the tremendous work God has done and is continuing every day at MCAG Church, an incredible journey of serving, caring, and expressing the love of Jesus to people. MCAG is one of the growing spirit-filled churches in our city - A Hope for City/Nation.

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