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Look around at today's youth and you can see how technology has changed their lives. They lie on their beds and study while listening to music, texting and chatting online with friends, and reading and posting facebook messages. Yet few know where to begin this journey and parents don't understand what is happening as our youth embrace digital media technologies but where do they go from there and who can support their unsupported fear.

With warm, down-to-earth practicality the youth are given the direction, motivation, and encouragement for rising above the ordinary and realizing the unique vision that God has for them that speaks to the desire of their heart. Our extravagance of Word, Praise & worship prompts further expression of love to God- many of them who join, showcase their talents while having a great time with friends of similar interest.

Youths shall have the opportunity to participate and perform their talents in front of audience viz. singing, preaching , writing essay ,play,skit,scrip writing ,competitions ,directing and using many more modern technologies for the glory of God. New Generation has attracted many youngsters to the church. Some who have never entered a church building before too. Sharing the gospel through the Word, diversified program of activities and outreaches-has been a great way to reach the youth, building them into strong individuals and future leaders for Jesus Christ. All the youth must come and Experience it yourself!