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Anniversary & Cultural programme

Colourful and vibrant Christian-related activities specially for the youth and children not only encourages them to involve themselves in various ministries of the church but also gives them a chance to exhibit and use their talents for the glory of the Lord. These activities are held every alternate Sundays under the banner CA (Christ’s Ambassadors) . Besides this, there will be an Annual Day (held every December) where all the different departments of the Church come together and perform various programmes together thus helping to propagate the good news to a wider spectrum in a more entertaining manner.

Annual Sports

MCAG Sports day an event staged by the church annually, in which all members are allowed to take part in competitive sporting activities. the various events are held separately for different age groups. each participant is assigned to either of the 2 existing teams namely, immanuel team and ebenezer team.

Winners are awarded with individual trophies and shields while the Winning team bags the Rolling Cup. Besides bringing out the sportive talents of the Church, Sports Day, teaches and encourages different members of the church to come together as a team, along with patience, determination, tolerance and perseverance to reach a common goal, irrespective of age, standards and education.

Annual Tour

MCAG also organizes a tour programme every year where all the members go to different tourist locations together. It gives an opportunity for all the members to take a break from their daily chores and duties, thus refreshing their body and minds alike. It is indeed a completely different experience when all the church members travel together and see various scenic and historic spots, thus enriching their knowledge on history and also treating their eyes with anthropogenic and natural beauty. Various scenic spots often make them to stand in awe and praise the Lord for His marvelous works on nature. These tours allows the Church to come together and spend time with each other, thus edifying the unity and fellowship of the Church.